Saturday, October 7, 2017

Akata warrior

Akata Warrior is the second book in Nnedi Okorafor’s Akata Witch series, which also is the title of book one.

In Akata Witch, we are introduced to Sunny Nwazue – a 12-year-old albino, born in America to Nigerian parents – who very quickly learns that her identity issues do not just stem from her Naijamerican heritage and upbringing. Sunny is a free agent Leopard – a person of magical heritage whose magic wasn’t inherited directly from either of her parents.

Akata Witch was a quick read filled with fun, magic and worldbuilding as Sunny learns about her powers while attending a magical school with three peers – Chichi, Sasha and Orlu. The quartet is challenged to learn through experience and often find themselves in situations where they must save themselves in order to learn the lesson.

Despite the younger age of the characters, Akata Witch is packed with social commentary on issues ranging from the value of education/knowledge to disabilities, prejudices and race-based disparities that are very relevant to readers today. In Akata Witch, Sunny and her friends find themselves facing a terror that threatens their lives and world. Akata Warrior picks up after a year, when the threat rises and challenges them again.

That said, both books can be read and enjoyed separately from each other. The stories are very character driven and the quartet is a fun group to follow around.

As a Naijamerican myself, there was so much to relate to, appreciate, and laugh at in the story, but you don’t need to have Nigerian heritage to fall in love with the characters or understand any terminology! If you're looking for a diverse book, new perspectives, or just plain fun and magic, read this book!

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