Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Last Namsara

Let me preface this post with by saying that I'm an analytical person ... I overanalyze most things. One side effect: I’m the type of reader who can sense a plot twist from the first point of foreshadowing. That said, my plot twist spidey senses were no match for Kristen Ciccarelli’s The Last Namsara. This story is plot twist paradise!

Although she is the daughter of a king, Asha is no beloved princess amongst her people. She is the Iskari, a hunter of dragons and death-bringer, with burn mars to prove it. Even though Asha grapples with her role – who she is, what she does to lure dragons, how her actions affect her image – she also accepts her duties, which seem fated. That is, until a series of events begin her on a different path to self-discovery. One that requires her to question everything she thought she knew about herself, her stories and her role in her world. One that involves dragons!

The Last Namsara is full of action and a fairly fast-paced read. Each of the characters carry secrets that lured me into their actions, just as Asha's stories lured the dragons. And even the dragons have personalities, secrets and stories to tell!

If you're looking to read a book with a strong female lead, with a touch of romance, or with dragons, this book has you covered.

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