Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Writing Prompt #1

Which weekday will work well with writing prompts? Wednesday, of course! Because the internet demands alliteration and I (sometimes) aim to please! Seriously, though, I appreciate writing prompts. Why? Well...

ibuprofen : headaches :: writing prompts : writer's block.

Kind of.

I bought a book of writing prompts from the sale section of Barnes & Noble long (long, long, long) ago. I wasn't looking for the book, but I'm an impulsive shopper in the sale section of book stores. Naturally, said book gathered dust for many months. How could I justify spending time fleshing out another person's ideas when my mind was brimming with too many of my own? I couldn't.

Until I started working on my first novel and experienced the paralysis over overanalysis on my writing. I tried many things to get myself out of the stupor: sitting in front of the computer for hours in the name of waiting for inspiration, reading books about writing, watching study the writing, of course...but nothing helped. I actually just felt guilty for not writing.

Then I remembered the writing prompts book, opened to a random page and told myself I was just going to write for 10 minutes. Maybe because it was somebody else's idea, I didn't feel like there was a specific way my writing had to be. I didn't feel like there were "right" words that were evading me. I just wrote. And when the timer went off, I kept writing for another 30 minutes until I wrapped up my thoughts. And in those 40 minutes, writing was fun again.

I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary with this, but if you want to be a writer, you just have to write. It sounds easier than it is sometimes, so for those days when it isn't easy, I'm going to be doing Writing Prompt Wednesdays here.

I hope this prompt and/or my future prompts will be as helpful to you as that book has been for me.

Happy Wednesday! Has anybody else found writing prompts to be helpful when you're feeling stuck?

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