Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Writing Prompt #4

Have you written anything today? I'm embarrassed to admit this - I don't know if it's normal for anyone else or if I'm just too obsessive and in my head at the moment - but I spent 4 hours looking at about 800 words yesterday. Too much time spent copying, cutting, pasting in new positions. When the math geek in me really thinks about this, my numbers average out to me scrutinizing 200 words per hour, or roughly 3 words per minute...20 seconds per words..yikes. Seriously. I'm ashamed. Especially considering that I type around 77 WPM. Excuse me while I facepalm.

The thought of looking at those words today and moving past them seems a bit daunting, so even though it's after 12PM in Atlanta, I haven't done any writing (other than this post now) today. Sigh.

I have an amazing referral to an agent that shall go unmentioned, but I haven't sent in my submission because...well, I have no good reasons. Just excuses. BUT...typing this out has already gotten me in the mood to keep typing, so see? Writing prompts, writing rants, just writing anything at all helps when you feel stuck. I'm off!

Happy writing!

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